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Status: Verfügbar
Zuchtrecht: JA KATZEN KÖNNEN ZUR ZÜCHT VERWENDET WERDEN. (Unsere Katzen sind nicht sterilisiert)
Gut mit Kindern: Ja
Gut mit anderen Kätzchen und Hunden: Ja
enthalten: Registriert, Aktuelle Impfungen
Beinhaltet: TICA-Registrierung, 1 Jahr Gesundheitsgarantie, Schussaufzeichnungen, Fütterungsmenü und Handbuchkatalog zur Pflege des Kätzchens)

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    A new and extremely rare hybrid breed, the Elf cat is a playful and intelligent cat that combines the physical and personality traits of the Sphynx and American Curl cats. Elf cats are extremely sociable and friendly, and make excellent pets because they can easily integrate into any household and become part of the family.


    WEIGHT: 10 to 15 pounds

    LENGTH: Medium to large in size

    COAT: Hairless

    COAT COLORS: All colors and patterns

    EYE COLOR: Varied

    LIFE EXPECTANCY: 8 to 14 years

    Characteristics of the Elf Cat

    Affection Level High
    Friendliness High
    Kid-Friendly High
    Pet-Friendly High
    Exercise Needs Medium
    Playfulness High
    Energy Level Medium
    Trainability Medium
    Intelligence High
    Tendency to Vocalize Medium
    Amount of Shedding Low

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    History of the Elf Cat

    Because the Elf cat is such a new and extremely rare breed, its history is somewhat limited. Breeders and cat enthusiasts Karen Nelson and Kristen Leedom are considered to be the creators of the breed; in 2004 Nelson and Leedom came together with a vision of breeding a cat with curled ears that retained the personality and physical attributes of their beloved Sphynx cats.

    The Elf cat was successfully developed from crossing the Sphynx and American Curl cat breeds. Each these two breeds has a single distinctive trait, and the Elf cat was designed to combine them. The most distinctive features of this cat are the appearance of curled ears, taken from the American Curl, and hairlessness, taken from the Sphynx. However, like the Sphynx, the Elf cat is not actually completely hairless; its skin may be covered with a very fine fur that’s practically imperceptible to both the eye and by touch.

    The medium to large Elf cat has an athletic, muscular body that’s similar to the Sphynx, and they also inherited their prominent cheek bones and whisker pads. The Elf’s whiskers and eyebrows are sparse and short, while their skin is wrinkled around the shoulders, ears, and muzzle. The breed takes their ears, which are curled backwards, from the American Curl cat, which is caused by a naturally-occurring genetic mutation; ear furnishings are also missing.

    Many of the Elf cats are now in generations that are exhibiting the traits that were originally envisioned, and they are starting to be introduced in International Cat Association (TICA) showhalls. Once the required numbers were met, the original creators and breed enthusiasts gained acceptance of the Elf cat as a new trait of the Sphynx cat; the Elf cat has been accepted for registration with TICA, and are shown as Sphynx with new traits at cat shows.

    Elf Cat Care

    The Elf cat is generally considered to be a low-maintenance cat breed. Due to the fact that the Elf cat is hairless, potential owners won’t need to worry about shedding. However, these cats will require an routine bath or wipe-down. Regular grooming is important to remove secretions from the skin, otherwise an Elf cat can become sticky to the touch or even develop skin issues. Many Elf cats tolerate (and even enjoy) an occasional bath.

    The Elf cat is a very sociable, gentle breed, which means that it can easily adapt to most household settings and family structures. They also adjust well to other pets in the home. However, their lack of hair means they must remain indoor cars for their comfort and safety.

    The Elf cat was bred to perpetuate the best personality qualities of both the Sphynx and American Curl cats, such as friendliness and affection. They are also considered to be one of the most intelligent of all cat breeds. Because they’re so outgoing and social, they desire more human contact and interaction than the average cat and therefore are best suited to homes where they won’t be left alone for long periods of time. They will also be happier sharing their home with a fellow feline to play with.

    Elf cats are active and gentle cats that love to be the center of attention, and they are also extremely inquisitive and playful (and have been known to get into a little bit of mischief). Potential Elf cat owners should be aware that these cats love to climb and will want to play with pretty much anything that’s within their reach, so ample playtime and lots of toys–as well as high shelves or other safe spaces where they can climb–is a must.

    Common Health Problems

    Because of their hairless bodies, sunburn, sensitivity to hot and cold weather, and other skin issues are potential concerns for Elf cat owners. Their delicate skin can also be easily injured, such as when playing with a cat companion. The Elf cat is considered a healthy cat, and as a newer breed, genetic health issues have yet to be determined. However, they may be susceptible to health conditions that impact their parent breeds, such as heart and gum issues.

    Diet and Nutrition

    Like all breeds, the Elf cat can be susceptible to weight-related issues such as obesity or heart disease, so they should be fed a high-protein, high-quality diet and receive plenty of exercise in the form of playtime with their families. Potential Elf owners should know that both the Sphynx and American curl breeds tend to have robust appetites (and have a prominent belly to prove it), so it’s that much more important to feed these cats a proper, balanced diet.

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    1. Rachel Fetty

      Thunfisch war dieses Jahr ein Segen für unsere Familie. Du hast unseren Traum wahr gemacht. Bei Gott, wir hätten nie geglaubt, dass du uns das Baby schicken würdest, weil wir schon oft in die Hände eines Betrügers geraten waren. Also sagte mein Mann: „Nun, das sollte das letzte Mal sein, dass wir es tun.“ Geld für ein Kätzchen schicken. Und Gott sei Dank haben wir es getan und Sie haben sich an Ihre Worte gehalten. Gott wird Sie und Ihre Familie segnen. Ich kann nicht aufhören, Ihnen zu danken. Wir sind so aufgeregt. Wünsche dir das Beste. Wenn ich jemanden habe, der daran interessiert ist, ein Perserkätzchen zu kaufen, wird Ihre Website als Erstes besucht.
      Rachel Fetty

    2. Benjamin White, Tennessee

      „Von dem Moment an, als wir Kittensmannore betraten, spürten wir die echte Liebe zu diesen Katzenfreunden. Chloe zu adoptieren war eine freudige Erfahrung und sie hat so viel Wärme in unser Zuhause gebracht. Für immer dankbar!“


    3. Emily Thompson, Kalifornien

      Lustige exotische Kurzhaarkatze, die auf den Knien einer Frau liegt. Freundschaft mit Haustierkonzept. Häuslicher Lebensstil

    4. Theodore Henry, Vereinigtes Königreich

      „Wir können nicht in Worte fassen, wie glücklich wir mit unserem neuen Kätzchen von diesem Züchter sind. Sie waren so fürsorglich und kannten sich gut mit ihren Tieren aus und kümmerten sich großartig um unser Kätzchen, bevor wir es nach Hause brachten. Unser Kätzchen ist gesund, glücklich und hat unserer Familie so viel Freude bereitet. Wir können diesen Züchter jedem wärmstens empfehlen, der ein liebevolles und gesundes Kätzchen sucht.“

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